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Evaluating the Max Energy of Godox Strobes, Speedlites, and LEDs

Why is it so tough to match one mild to a different? It might be dangerous sufficient to say that watts, LUX, watt-seconds, and information numbers aren’t immediately comparable. And until you’ve been round lights for a very long time, these measurements gained’t even make intuitive sense.

Born from this frustration, I provide the Strobepro Energy Scale we developed over at Strobepro! Earlier than we get into it, listed here are a number of disclaimers:

1. Practicality was the purpose

If I got down to do an apples-to-apples comparability in each respect, I imagine the usefulness of the information would have suffered. Totally different lights are meant for use in several methods. For instance, a studio strobe will often be modified in a roundabout way, whereas transportable LED panels are finest suited as onerous, unmodified lights.

Because of this, all studio strobes, speedlights, and COB LED lights have been examined with a 24×36″ softbox hooked up. Most different lights have been unmodified until in any other case acknowledged (see the legend under).

2. Evaluating steady lights to strobes is assumptive

When a strobe flashes, it releases its power over a really brief time frame. That power is launched over the identical time frame no matter your shutter velocity. Subsequently, we should consider the time worth for a flash publicity as fastened. That’s why shutter velocity (as much as your most sync velocity) has no impact on flash publicity.

Then again, a steady mild will mild your scene for your entire length that your shutter permits. The time worth for an publicity with a steady mild is variable.

Subsequently, with the intention to examine steady lights and strobes, we should set a benchmark shutter velocity. As a result of we would like this to be comparability, I selected 1/125 of a second (an honest shutter velocity for a typical portrait topic). If you will get sharp outcomes with slower shutter speeds, then energy to you!

1/50 to 1/60 of a second can be extra typical for video manufacturing (assuming you’re capturing at 24-30p), however we will’t precisely do a video-based comparability with strobes on the identical record! Nonetheless, you’ll be able to sometimes anticipate to achieve a cease of sunshine once you’re capturing video.

3. Distance is all the time an element

If among the publicity outcomes I recorded appear underwhelming, please observe that my take a look at goal with my mild meter was 6 ft away from the supply (measured from the entrance of the sunshine floor or the entrance diffuser). If you’d like your mild to punch above its weight class, the most effective factor you are able to do is to maneuver it nearer! If you happen to scale back the space from 6 ft to three ft, your mild turns into an efficient two stops (4x) brighter.

It’s precisely due to this conduct (the inverse sq. legislation of sunshine) that I selected to place my lights just a little additional again than I would in a typical portrait session. From 6 ft away, I’d achieve a number of inches’ margin for error with my measuring tape.

Setup and Technique

I used a Sekonic L478-D mild meter positioned (as talked about) 6 ft from the entrance floor of the sunshine. A goal gray was additionally used in order that I may cross-reference picture information to the information I collected from my meter. All lights have been in contrast at their most energy. Within the case of bi-color LEDs, the colour temperature that produced the brightest outcome was used.

As soon as the information was collected, I rounded every outcome to the closest third of a cease and charted it on the size under.

The Scale

Word: Merchandise have been modified for the take a look at as indicated:

Strobepro 24×36” Fast Professional Softbox: Studio Strobes, Speedlites, COB LED Lights

Product-specific Softbox: Flex LED Panels, Strobepro Quadstar

Unmodified: LED Panels, LED Tube Lights, LED Ring Lights

Learn the Knowledge

The Strobepro Energy Score compares most energy.

All of those lights might be adjusted down from their maximums to various levels.

To learn this information, you’ll want to know what a cease of sunshine is. If you’re new to images, you need to familiarize your self with this time period. ‘Cease’ is shorthand for f-stop, however we will apply it to any type of mild and never simply to the sunshine being let in by means of your aperture. Every time you add a cease, you’re doubling your mild.

Every complete quantity in both column represents a cease of sunshine.

For instance, the Godox TL60 (energy ranking 3.0) is 2 stops (4x) brighter than the Godox R1 (energy ranking 1.0).

The 2nd column exhibits the information I collected based mostly on the goal publicity. For the goal publicity, I used 1/125 of a second, f/4, and ISO 100 at a 6-foot distance from my mild meter (measured from the entrance of the sunshine floor or the entrance diffuser). A optimistic quantity signifies overexposure on the goal settings, and a unfavorable quantity signifies underexposure. For instance, the complete energy flash from our QS600II was a complete 3.7 stops overexposed at these settings.

The third column merely supplies distilled information utilizing our weakest mild (the R1) because the baseline.

To find out how a lot brighter one mild is than one other, take the Strobepro Energy Score of the stronger mild and subtract the ranking of the weaker mild. The result’s the brightness distinction in stops.

Advised Makes use of by Energy Score

Past evaluating one mild to a different, there are different helpful issues we will do with this information. We’ve ready some normal suggestions within the chart under that can assist you determine which lights may meet your minimal energy necessities.


I hope you discovered this data helpful. I sought to declutter the method of evaluating numerous kinds of lights. With out seeing the lights in actual area, it was all the time a specific problem to clarify how steady lights may stability with strobes. Not!

In regards to the creator: Kevin Greenhough is a portrait and journey photographer, and the media coordinator for Strobepro Studio Lighting. You could find his work on his private web site. This text was additionally printed right here.

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