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TBC Area Tier Checklist: Finest Area Courses and Comps

Finest TBC Area Comps

What are the perfect TBC Area comps to get score with so many alternative lessons within the sport? Nicely, there are fairly a couple of attention-grabbing compositions to search for a number of specializations.

Rogue Mage Priest

Rogue Icon

Rogue Mage Priest or RMP is without doubt one of the only PvP Compositions within the sport and stays so within the trendy sport too. The Sub Rogue and the Frost Mage are the 2 DPS parts of the composition, utilizing their CC to disrupt the enemy crew, creating strain factors and kill home windows. Alternatively, the Self-discipline Priest has their very own peel instruments and may assist with injury by shadow spells.

In 2s queues, the composition can work with Disc Priest and Frost Mage, Disc Priest and Sub Rogue, or Frost Mage and Sub Rogue for double injury one shot comps. Any of the three variants work effective, however the double injury is without doubt one of the cheesier comps counting on one-shots and killing enemies by openers as they might falter the longer the Area match goes on.


Shadowplay is a composition consisting of the Shadow Priest and the Affliction Warlock. The thought behind the comp is to make use of the Warlock’s Unstable Affliction on high of the opposite dots and Shadow Priest debuffs to forestall the enemy crew from dispelling them. Moreover, there are different spell injury enhancing abilities, such because the Distress expertise and party-wide passive therapeutic and mana technology. As for the Warlock, they need to use the Curse of Shadow spell to scale back shadow resistance and enhance shadow injury on the goal. Total, each specs flatter one another, making the compositions work extremely effectively.

However who’s the best healer? The composition may be very versatile, with Resto Shamans granting bonus mana regeneration by mana totem and passive therapeutic. Moreover, their utility like grounding totem providing a reasonably respectable peel towards caster comps. Alternatively, you’ll be able to at all times take the Resto Druid to their strengths generally, and a Holy Paladin as BoP is respectable towards melee comps, together with a free stun with HoJ.

Rogue Injury comps

As already alluded to, Rogue is without doubt one of the DPS specs that may work with different DPS very effectively. They will do 2s comps with a Shadowpriest, organising the Spriest to rot an enemy down whereas additionally masking one in all their weaknesses with their stuns.

Moreover, they will roll with a Warrior for a really sturdy melee comp, with strong burst, survivability, and mobility throughout each gamers. For an additional melee comp, enjoying with a Feral Druid or one other Rogue permits the composition to play double stealth and double burst. The additional benefit of the Druid is off therapeutic, whereas the Rogue provides extra burst.

Resto Druid Comps

The Finest Resto Druid Comps, coincidentally the perfect TBC Area score comps are the Resto Druid and Warrior and Warlock comps.

The Resto Druid is an excellent pairing with the Arms Warrior, because the Resto Druid can hug a pillar and insta forged hots on the Warrior. If the warrior wants any additional assistance on staying on a goal, the Druid can use Feral Cost to go in or use entangling roots to assist them out. Alternatively, the Druid can Cyclone the non-kill goal to set the Warrior up. Total, the comp may be very enough.

Alternatively, the Warlock Drid mixture is by far the perfect composition for 2s. As a result of pure injury discount and maintain within the Warlock SL/SL construct, the resto druids HoTS are a pleasant addition. Many gamers will discover that the composition by no means dies, with the composition finally outlasting every little thing else.


In the course of the OTK WoW Traditional TBC Area Beta event, two comps rose above the remainder, the Warlock Disc Priest 3s composition, with both a Rogue or Mage relying on desire for controlling parts. On the identical time, the Lock rots the enemies down. Each are completely viable and take a complete new spin on the RMP composition. The Mage Lock combo is good, with the Lock making use of Curse of Parts to permit the mage to pump much more injury. Both manner, anticipate each to dominate the metagame throughout Season 1. The finals of the CAT additionally has a Warlock Warrior Druid Comp, so something Warlock paired with one other S tier DPS works effectively.


Honourary Mentions

Ret Paladins won’t be the perfect melee DPS in TBC, however there are a couple of superb pairings to contemplate. The most effective mates of a Ret Paladin is a shaman, ideally a Resto Shaman for Windfury Totem. Ret Paladins are excellent at bursting down their opponents with Seal of the Crusader, Crusader Strike and pure crit by their abilities. As soon as an enemy is low sufficient, they will get Hammer of Wrath for the execution. For the 3s model, the mixture of the Arms Warrior makes the Ret Paladin even higher, comping it with one other execute melee geared up with stuns and different lockdowns.

Lastly, Jungle Cleave is a comp that works effectively till round 2200 score. The mix of the onerous stun from Bash and the Freezing Lure creates some good kill home windows. One nice instance of this can be a Freezing entice onto the Healer adopted by a stun on the kill goal can doubtlessly get a kill. As for the healer, something can work with it, as Paladin’s HoJ is one other good stun, with Resto Druids having cyclone and Clergymen having Psychic Scream.

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