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Time to Give the Paci the Boot?

Bye-bye Binky

FridaBaby Paci Weaning System 

Pacifiers serve many functions… most notably, the magical capability to appease a fussy child. However there comes a time in each tots life when their mother and father determine it’s time to bid that beloved binky farewell. Cue the report screech sound and the crying screech sound. 

Don’t panic! 

Shifting past the paci doesn’t need to be traumatic, due to FridaBaby’s Paci Weaning System. This 5-step system contains 5 orthodontic-shaped pacifiers that get progressively shorter and fewer satisfying. Each 1-2 days, you merely swap out one for the subsequent. (Genius, huh?) Designed by dentists, this plan is simplest for kiddos underneath 12 months. You’ll be amazed to see your baby go from binky obsessed to binky…what? 

Goodbyes could be laborious. However saying, “peace out, paci!” received’t be.

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